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If You Want More Anything In Your Life, The First Step Begins With YOU.

In all my years of coaching and teaching teams, groups, and individuals, I found a common theme: life was happening to them not created by them. I have turned my life’s work into partnering with individuals who are ready to discover who they really are and create their life on their terms.

Are you someone who is ready to take your life into your own hands but need support, encouragement, tough love and a little fun to get you really moving? As a personal development coach it is my job to empower you with what it means to be your best and apply it to everything you do.

Did you know that only 33% of employees are actually engaged in their work? That is a staggering 67% that are not engaged or worse. So what does the 33% know that the 67% doesn’t? Talent. They are keenly aware of what their natural talent is and tap into it everyday. Be in the 33%.

Praise & Love

  • “I felt like I was spending time with a big sister vs. a coach. At the time I was very new to coaching and had a mixed perspective on all that they do. Amanda was able to show me the importance of having a coach and the pivotal role they can play in someone’s life, journey, and dreams.”

    - Skyler McCurine, Le Red Balloon
  • “Amanda is wonderful. I love how approachable she is and I credit our sessions to the supplemental support I needed that got me through some of my hardest times.”

    - Kerri C., San Diego
  • “Amanda is an incredibly talented life coach. I encourage you to sign up and watch how she can help you achieve the next level like I did!”

    - Natalina G., Portsmouth, RI
  • “During our meetings, Amanda helped me pinpoint what about my workplace made me so unhappy and narrow my job search to positions would utilize my unique strengths. Using that insight, I have since obtained a job that is a far better fit for me and my stress level has dropped dramatically as a result.”

    - Abbyjoy, San Diego, Ca

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Are your beliefs making you happy or unhappy?

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Beating the Holiday Overwhelm Part 3

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The Journey Inward




Master Mindset

Our thoughts and beliefs are the filter for how we interact with our world.  These thoughts can either build us up or shut us down. Building a positive mindset takes work, patience and whole lot of self care.

GET Curious

In order to become our best selves we must first get curious about who we really are. We have to get real, become vulnerable and uncover truths that ultimately lead to a life of happiness.

Let It Go

Moving towards confidence, happiness or whatever feeling we are after, means we have to let go of the ideas, feelings and old beliefs that no longer serve us. Letting go is a courageous adventure that not everyone takes, but by letting go we learn that we get even more.

Small Action

Huge success starts with small action. The greats of the world did not just happen to become successful overnight. They worked hard, got curious, focused and stayed close to who they were. Small, achievable action is what it takes to really have more YOU in your life.

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