Your life is freaking awesome and you have loved creating it. However, you have this feeling that the real YOU is still waiting to be discovered.

Maybe you feel a bit lost, unsure, complacent, overwhelmed and at times unhappy in your super awesome life. You have even felt guilty, insecure and ashamed for feeling this way because from the outside everything actually is awesome. On the inside however, you are hungry to learn what lights you up again.

I’m Amanda and I help to put more YOU into your life.

I was just like you. I was driving myself bonkers with trying to understand this missing piece to my really awesome life. I couldn’t understand why working my butt off for success and happiness wasn’t filling me up anymore. You know the feeling. It starts slow but begins to build to a point where you feel like you are swimming upstream, drowning in pressure and not completely enjoying the life you created. In order to get back to what makes you YOU, someone needs to reach into your life, pull you out just long enough to take a long, deep breath and help you figure out who you are again.

There is so much more to YOU

During my work in education, sales training, leadership development and now the health industry, I have seen so many loving their lives but feeling that something was missing. They were searching in all the wrong places and burning out in their quest to understand what it was.

What I found through my work is that in order to find this missing piece, you must dive in to all the pieces. You have to learn about all the parts and roles you play so that you can understand how they make you YOU.

By engaging in who we really are we find out that there is so MUCH MORE to each of us.

I Didn’t Want to Believe It

I grew up in Southern California, graduated from a top college in San Diego, got married, bought a house, had my dream career, and had a baby on the way (talk about American Dream, right?). I didn’t understand why working for a huge company with my dream role was not fulfilling anymore. I didn’t understand how I could ever feel so disconnected or unhappy if I had created such an awesome life. I followed the rules that everyone says will make you happy but I was more confused than ever.

When I started to look back, I noticed that I’d put an unbelievable amount of pressure on myself to be perfect, to have the magazine inspired home, to have the big paycheck and to be fit. I created so much pressure for myself years ago that I began to not know what actually made me ME anymore. In trying to find myself I started looking for it in all the wrong places – more work, more social events, more volunteer projects, more of everything that wasn’t me. I didn’t want to believe that I was actually lost in my very own life.

When I finally came to my senses and realized what was going on, I took a huge, deep breath and rerouted my life. I knew I was still extremely proud of what I created, accomplished and had gone through but it was time for more ME and more happiness.

The feeling of finally putting more ME in my life was like nothing I ever imagined. I started to make me a priority again. I started to understand all the parts of me and what makes me who I am. I didn’t need to make huge sweeping changes to get here, I just figured out how to show up better to this already awesome life.

It’s time for more YOU.

You may be feeling like it’s hard to spend time on yourself. Look, I get it. I was the last person who wanted to spend time or money on myself in this way. I thought I could do it all myself and I could get back on track by reading blogs, books, and magazines. I get that you are afraid that it may look selfish or even unnecessary to work on yourself. However you want to spin it, you have a choice: sit there and continue to want more you in your life OR get going on putting more YOU back in your life.  Once I figured out what was holding me back from truly enjoying the life I had created, I couldn’t get my hands on personal development fast enough. I was over wasting time, money, energy and of course my life. I was beyond ready to stop being disconnected and to start experiencing more of my happy, awesome life.

More YOU + Your Life = More Awesome

By now you may be asking “why should I consider you for this fresh breath of air I need?” Because I want you to be a priority in your own life again. I want you to realize what it is you are feeling and finally move past it. I want you to be in a place where you no longer take for granted the very things that are already making up your amazingly, happy life and truly enjoy it. I want to help you scale back on things that may be cluttering your life that no longer serve a purpose other than to please someone else. I want to help you enjoy your marriage, kids, friends, work, physical health, hobbies, and whatever it is you are craving more of.

I want you to enjoy YOU.

Here’s the thing though – I can work some magic but ultimately its up to you friend. Your happiness through and through is determined on one thing: YOU. So if you want to do the work then I am all in. Those that have gone before you and worked with me experienced some of the following:

+ Created balance in their very hectic schedule

+ Discovered purpose clarity (think personal mission/vision statement)

+ Changed unwanted behaviors

+ Lost weight and created a new lifestyle

+ Stopped people pleasing just because they didn’t know what else to do

+ Carved out time for the things they love

+ Stopped taking their life for granted

+ Became more confident in all areas of their life

+ And of course found what made them truly happy

Are you ready for more YOU in your life?

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If you are ready, then I am here for you!!


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Amanda is an accomplished professional who has a background in leadership development, coaching, business strategy, training, sales, marketing, and education. Amanda holds an Associate Certified Coach certificate through the International Coach Federation and completed her coach training through Coach U. She recently became a certified Health Coach through ACE and is also a trained Strengths Educator through Gallup® where she trained and coached over a thousand individuals on their Clifton StrengthsFinder® results alone before beginning her practice. As a college instructor, she teaches personal development courses that incorporate her coaching methods as well as the StrengthsFinder® assessment.

Amanda began her private coaching practice in 2014 to partner with individuals and groups on how to understand, operate and apply their best self in all areas of their lives. She earned her Bachelor’s in Human Development from the University of California, San Diego and her Master’s in Organizational Management from Ashford University.

The Personal Fun Stuff

+ Married to a high school math teacher/football coach so basically I never do math anymore and I am a football widow 6 months out of the year.

+ Mamma to two of the sweetest little munchkins in the whole world – naming them was harder than delivery because every name I wanted hubby associated them to kids at school.

+ Volleyball was my life from middle school to grad school – I played indoor and beach and I even held a state record for a while.

+ Two half marathons, a triathlon and a 50 mile “fun bike ride” in Mexico are under my belt.

+ When I was 9 I was introduced to Star Wars and my life was never the same. I nearly fell off the couch when Darth told Luke.

+ At our wedding the BBQ company we hired set off the reception center’s fire alarm so we had some great bridal party pics with fire trucks (and fire men).

+ My food obsessions are mochas, sushi, french fries, BBQ, my mom’s cooking, Pioneer Woman, and peppermint Jo Jo’s from Trader Joe’s at Christmas time.

+ We absolutely love to travel. Before we even were a couple my husband and I planned our bucket list destinations that we are still adding to and crossing off today.

+ 4th of July is my all time favorite holiday. It reminds me of my childhood, sunscreen, food and family. It was the time of year my entire family would gather and have just the most ridiculously fun time.

+ Favorite romantic comedy: You’ve Got Mail. Something about Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks and slow AOL dial up has me laughing and crying.

+ We own a timeshare. Don’t ask! But maybe if you are lucky, I’ll tell you that story one day.

According to the Gallup® StrengthsFinder® results, my number five is Includer.  That means I LOVE to be inclusive and get to know people.  So stay connected and say hello on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter!