Beating the Holiday Overwhelm Part 2

Last week I introduced this topic and talked about the added stress this time of year gives us. We talked about setting YOUR priorities and intentions before diving into the chaos. To catch up you can check it out here: Beating the Holiday Overwhelm P.1.

This week we are talking about the second thing you can do to beat the overwhelm and it takes a lot of courage to do this, especially when faced with in-laws coming to town, bosses pushing for deadlines and those annoying friends that keep pushing for you to go to a holiday happy hour.

How to Beat the Holiday Overwhelm Part 2

2. Setting Boundaries (and truly sticking to them.) 

Boundaries are a way to protect not only ourselves but our priorities, values, projects, family, feelings and many times our integrity. 

When we hold ourselves accountable to the boundaries we set, we have to know that not everyone will be happy with our decisions. We may have to turn some parties down, we may have to tell our bosses that family comes first this season, we may not get to enjoy as many sweets because of that weight loss goal. 

Setting clear boundaries will not only keep you from over doing it, over booking yourself or overeating this season, they will keep you calmer, more grounded and allow you to enjoy this season for what it really is all about. 

>> This week work on what setting boundaries looks like for you. Make sure to have that list of priorities and intentions done first so that you can set appropriate boundaries around those.

Ask yourself these questions when creating your boundaries:
– What is ok and not ok for you to tolerate? There are certainly things that we know we just have to tolerate this season but there are certainly other things that we just don’t have to put up with anymore. What are you willing to put up with and what are you going to put your foot down to this season?

– What are the triggers that always get you? You know you have them. Maybe its that co-worker that always gloats about their holiday plans, maybe its the in-law that pokes fun at your expense, maybe its the holiday traffic. Name the triggers that ALWAYS sets you off into the spiral of chaos. If you don’t take a minute to really think about this, your trigger will hit you and all those boundaries will be gone. 

What are you limits? What can you actually handle this season? Knowing your priorities and intentions, how will you make sure you stay true to those and no over do it in other areas?

– What do you need to survive the season? Give yourself one thing that you know you will need. Maybe its a night out with your friends, maybe its resting on Sundays, maybe its getting in a little earlier at work so that you can enjoy your evening holiday plans more. Whatever it is, make sure you name the thing you need to survive and stick with it!

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