Beating the Holiday Overwhelm Part 3

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Beating the Holiday Overwhelm 
Beating the Holiday Overwhelm P2

Thanksgiving in less than a week away, how is the overwhelm so far? 
Is it not a thing yet or has taking on these ideas truly helped? I have to make a Costco run next week and I am already overwhelmed about it. I wish Costco just had a pie drive through for this time of year!!

This week we are focusing on the last pillar of really taking control over the overwhelm. This is also the hardest one because we very rarely practice it all year and to start now would be even crazier!…but it’s completely necessary.

How to Beat the Holiday Overwhelm Part 3

3. Giving Yourself Permission

When we are in overwhelm states its very difficult to make decisions for ourselves. We get wrapped up in what we “should” be doing instead of really doing what we want to be doing. We get pulled into a million conversations with others about what they want for us during this time of year. During overwhelm we also completely forget WHO we are and WHAT we are truly after.

Giving ourselves permission allows us to stand up for ourselves and our values. It gives us that extra courage to know that we are listening to OUR intuition and not waiting for someone else to tell us what to do.

You have to be careful though that you also aren’t giving yourself the WRONG permission. These would be things that work against what you are after, such as overeating, over-drinking, not being kind when setting boundaries, telling people off because you are tired of putting up with them, spending far more money than you planned and so on….

Permission granting aligns to YOUR bigger picture which are your
priorities and your boundaries.

>>Create Permission Slips
This is an oldie from my favorite lady, Brené Brown. She actually writes herself permission slips when she knows she needs to be brave and courageous or even when she just needs that extra nudge to NOT fall back on old behaviors.

>>Grab post-it notes. Create one permission per sticky note. Each permission is something you will grant yourself this season that will help you to stick to your priorities and boundaries.

>>Remind yourself of the permission often. Maybe have them in the bathroom, in your planner, at your desk or in your back pocket.

>>Don’t feel guilty. If you get overwhelmed or forgot what you wanted to practice this season, don’t feel guilty. Beating yourself up will only make it worse. Just get back on track and be kind to yourself this season. (Maybe that is even a permission slip: BE KIND TO MYSELF.)

Practice, Practice Practice. Practice permission granting in every space of your life: work, family, money, health, and so on will not only help you this season but into 2018 as well.

Enjoy your holiday season!!

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