Beating the Holiday Overwhelm

Seriously this year is flying! And I guarantee these next two months will make our heads spin as they zoom by.

Why is it that this time of year really does bring on extra stress? 
Is it the parties? The presents? The end of year deadlines? The families that we all have to visit in a short amount of time? Is it the lack of attention your co-workers are giving to their jobs because the end of the year is coming? Is it the weird amount traffic during the holiday time?

Well, yes. Yes to all of that. 

It seems like clock work that once Halloween is finished we dive into holiday shopping, planning menus for Thanksgiving and parties, and making sure we finish up our work for those year end reviews. 

All of this can be extremely overwhelming.

The problem with this constant state of overwhelm each year is that we then fall victim to feeling tired, stressed, resentful, grumpy, and many times extremely hungry because we forget to feed ourselves or we feed ourselves the wrong food since we are on the run for two straight months.

What if there was a better way to forgo the overwhelm this year and really lead yourself to feeling happy, in control and not overwhelmed during the holiday season?

Over the next three weeks I will share bitesized pieces to keeping you focused on you and not the holiday overwhelm so you can glide into 2018 with a fresh and happy mindset. 

Beating the Holiday Overwhelm

1. Priorities and Intentions
This week is the perfect week to make time to figure out what is most important to you this holiday season. These aren’t things that are “nice to dos” or “shoulds”. These are the important things that you need and want to make time for. 

These priorities include deadlines for work, parties you absolutely want to go to, holiday traditions with your family, making time for that yoga class and etc. These priorities need to have the utmost value to you so that you know that if accomplish nothing but these, you feel incredible

Setting your intentions for the holiday season is key as well. You can’t just rush into it with no plan or no grounding. This is what really causes the overwhelm because we just grasp at things to make it through. Creating intentions helps to keep your brain in check. If you have set the intention to be more organized this holiday season, then you can use that as your meter each week to check in with yourself. If your intention is to have more fun, use that as your guide to picking your priorities this season. When we create intentions, it slows us down, focuses our brains and really helps to drive out that stressful mindset we love to get caught up in. 

>>This week I sincerely encourage you to make a list of all the things you WANT to do and take out anything that feels like a “should”. Then set your intentions for this holiday season and compare that list again. See if that list will help you to feel the way you want to feel by the start of 2018. 


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