If you want your dreams to work, you need this

Do you watch HGTV? 

Well the other day I caught myself in a binge of Fixer Upper (I love the Gaines family). 

As the commercials kept repeating, the new show with a mom and daughter kept ringing in my ear. In the commercial the daughter says “Teamwork makes the dream work” and then of course it pans to them laughing while knocking down a wall. 

I had never heard that catchy phrase before and it really stuck with me. 

Why is it that dreams work when there is teamwork?

In the midst of my other research on wellbeing, strengths, happiness, joy and many other ideas this week, a constant thread kept leaping off the pages: teamwork. 

However, this type of teamwork isn’t fixing a home together and being on HGTV.

Rather the teamwork I kept finding was that we are hard wired for human interaction, belonging, community and partnering. 

Basically, we are at our best when we are with others, serving others, being along sides others, and quite frankly, living out the best versions of ourselves WITH OTHERS.

So think about this…
When are you most happiest? Are you alone or are you with people?

I’m guessing more times than not, it’s always with others. 

As I kept putting more and more pieces together this week I saw that by knowing ourselves on a deeper level, it opens us up to partner, share and be vulnerable with those around us. As we do, we tend to drop the one man show and start teaming up with others to have healthy, happy and productive lives.

So if you find yourself stuck, alone or not able to reach the goals you want to achieve, just remember:

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

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