Midpoint Goals + Workbook


There have been 6 solid months in the year 2017 and we have exactly 6 more to go!

Of course the coach in me has to ask:
How are you doing with those goals you set out to accomplish this year?
What do you still want to accomplish?
How do you want to feel at the end of the year?
Who do you want to become or will have become?

This Midpoint is a PERFECT time to take a little summer break and refocus on what you truly wanted for yourself this year.

I know my year has been completely different than I expected but it doesn’t mean I still can’t go after the goals I really wanted to work on this year.

The key is to refocus, re-clarify and reengage. 

Refocusing means actually paying attention to and looking at it more than once. Think of it like a bank account. When you pay attention to it, you know where your money is at but when you don’t look at it for a while you may not have a clear picture of where the money is going and coming from. Goals are the same. If you don’t keep an eye on them, they can slip by.

Re-clarify means to discern which goals are actually goals you want, can do and need to achieve. Maybe you set out this year with lofty goals that weren’t yours to begin with and so now is the time to discard. Or maybe you set out with incredible goals but life has gotten in the way. It’s time to clarify the ones you truly want to work towards.

Reengage means to actually get going. No more of the “well, when ______ happens, THEN I’ll get started on ________.” NO. Stop waiting for life to happen to you and start making it happen for YOU.

Why this is the perfect time is because we are about to enter a season of BBQs, travel, and tons of summer plans but when you lift your head in September or October, you will thank yourself for taking a small chunk of time right now to plan out your goals.

To help you out, I of course created a MIDPOINT GOALS WORKBOOK for you! You can grab it below!


This workbook is short and to the point. I want you to sit with it though and really pay attention to what YOU truly want to accomplish. Great things are going to happen for you in 2017, and now is the time to start!

Let me know what you end up accomplishing!

If you need help actually creating your goals, check out my MORE YOU in Review Workbook!

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