Wouldn’t it be great to finally understand What you are naturally good at and put it to good use?


From an early age we are told to hone in on our weaknesses because what we are good at already comes natural to us. It isn’t until we enter the workforce that we start to realize that we want to start focusing our attention on what we are good at, what we like to do and specialize in something that makes us stand out.

Problem is we never had anyone sit down with us to tell us what those things are…until now.

Focus on what is right with you

Over the course of my career I have seen and become certified in numerous personality assessments. All of them seemed to be the same thing just renamed, re-purposed and directed at who you are at work. Then I was trained by Gallup® on their Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment. We as a team were charged with teaching strengths-based development to our organization. With each leadership program, workshop and coaching session I did, I started to see what a difference the results were not only doing for people in their jobs but in their whole lives. Strengths helped people to really focus on what they do well, how they communicate and how they interact with the world around them. It gave them a sense of confidence they had been looking for and the opportunity to focus on what was right with them versus fixing what was wrong.

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You Can’t Go it Alone

Like any professional and personal development work you can’t go it alone. You need feedback, a soundboard, a team of people who are encouraging you along the way. If you have taken this assessment (or any personality assessment for that matter) before, what happened to me may sound familiar to you. I took the assessment on pure interest, got my top five results, read the packet, told hubby, told my boss, reread the packet, stuck the results in my desk and never looked at it again.

At the end of all that I had this feeling of “that was nice to know but what do I even do with that information?” A year later, I had a breakthrough on my strengths when I finally sat down with someone who truly understood the meaning of strengths and helped me navigate what I was innately great at.


“Examining my strengths was one of Amanda’s approaches I found instrumental. It provided a sense of capability instead of a focus on inability. I set goals now that are attainable so that I can re-evaluate and reset when I need to.” – Kerri C., San Diego

Strengths-Based Development

My strengths-based development not only looks at your personal top five results from the StrengthsFinder® assessment but we dive deeper into behaviors, experiences and goals. I offer a space where you can ask questions, get feedback, and build a plan where you want to take your strengths next.  Focusing on strengths is about putting your natural abilities into perspective and figuring out how you can make the best and most use of them in all areas of your life.

After our work together you will:

+ Have a clearer picture of who you are and what you are exceptionally great at

+ Understand past and current behavior in association to those strengths

+ No longer focus on fixing your weaknesses but learn to manage them

+ Create meaningful relationships because you know how you best interact with people

+ Design a plan for how you want to use your strengths in all the areas of your life

Ready to learn more about your strengths and apply them to everything you do?

Awesome! I knew you were ready.


Strengths Conversation

This is meant for those who are already familiar with StrengthsFinder® and want a refresher session.

  • 90 minutes by phone or Skype
  • Code for the assessment
  • Overview of top five strengths
  • Understanding the way you use your strengths
  • Tailored action plan to grow your strengths

Investment: $250*

Strengths Growth Sessions

Growth sessions are for those new to StrengthsFinder® and want to grow deeper in their own understanding of their results.

  • Three 60 minute sessions
  • Code for the assessment
  • Overview of top five strengths
  • Understanding the way you use your strengths
  • Homework workbook for personal development between calls
  • Tailored action plan to grow your strengths

Investment $650*

Group or Team Strengths

Want your team or group to learn more about their strengths? I can help with that.

  • In-person, tele-class, or webinar
  • Codes for the assessment for each participant
  • Tailored material training and material for each group

Email for pricing

*If interested in coaching around the entire 34 list, an additional $100 will be added to the cost*

My Strengths Journey





Over the past five years, I have trained, coached and developed over a thousand individuals on strengths-based development. It all began during my days of leadership development and having the privilege to personal access to Gallup®. I was able to meet one-on-one with our consultant to learn, develop and enhance my own understanding and how it pertains to individuals, groups and companies. You better believe I racked up the hours talking strengths with the gurus themselves! I am actively involved in the San Diego Strengths Network where I learn constantly from those teaching strengths in all fields. Since starting my own business I have run half day workshops, webinars, group coaching, one-on-one sessions and I even teach a college course using this very tool!

For more information contact Amanda at coaching@amandaflisher.com or

book a discovery session today!!