You Can’t Hustle Inner Peace

Did you know there are only ten more days until Christmas?

Internally how does that make you feel? Are you now stressed, nervous, overwhelmed, calm, happy or peaceful?

If I were to question people today, I am sure peaceful is not the answer I would get.

But what if it was? What if people actually felt at peace today?

This week I was watching Kung Fu Panda 2 with the kiddos. It actually taught me something that one day I hope I master: Inner Peace.

If you haven’t seen this very comical children’s movie with Jack Black as the voice of Po, you need to. In the movie Po sees Shifu (his master) practice inner peace. Shifu tells about the length of time and hard work it took for him to master his inner peace. However, through out the movie Po tries to hustle his way to inner peace. He tires to mimic Shifu and other characters but still his mind wanders and distracts him, leaving him more irritated, frustrated and not very good at kung fu.

The point is: You cannot hustle inner peace.

There is no magic checklist, no mimicking of others, no quick how-to-guide to finding peace within ourselves….however….

I bet you know the feeling.

It’s when you absolutely trust yourself, your abilities and your decisions. You feel calm through out your body which then quiets your mind. This inner peace invites others to be at peace around you because you are more patient, loving, kind and open.   

You are capable of inner peace.

Po finally found his inner peace and it happened far quicker than it did for Shifu. Po learned to quiet his mind, breathe deeper and drown out the noise of the world around him. He of course was then able to take down an entire army of wolves and a peacock.

Maybe your inner peace won’t have you winning a war today but just maybe you can master a small dose of peace within yourself to know that the next ten days don’t have to be so stressful.

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